Important Mother's Day Notice from a Major Supplier

To Our Valued Customers:
We wanted to start off by thanking you for your trust and faith in Sunflower Farms.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your business and growth.  This has been a trying time for our entire industry, but we are working through it together. 
With the upcoming Mother’s Day Holiday, here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Weather Issues: Due to increasing weather issues in Central and South America product availability is limited and subject to change (as per our pre-book disclaimer section).  We are doing our best to work with the farms, however, there have been significant weather issues that are out of our control and creating a challenge for production.  Please know that these challenges may alter/change the availability of some items.     
  • Prices & Demand:  Due to the low production from the farm level

‚Äč   Please know that all of us at Tilted Tulip Florist our doing our best to fill your order correctly.  This issue has been on going  and know that we will fill your order to the full value in which you have purchase to keep the same feel and theme of your order.

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